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Adult Education in the Faith

Adult catechesis concerns persons who have a right and a duty to bring to maturity the seed of faith sown in them by God.

It is addressed to individuals who are charged to fulfill social responsibilities of various types and to those who are also prey to all kinds of changes and crises, sometimes profound.

The faith of adults, therefore, must be continually enlightened, developed, and protected, so that it may acquire that Christian wisdom which gives sense, unity, and hope to the many experiences of personal, social, and spiritual life.

~ General Directory for Catechesis #173 ~

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2022-2023 Adult Education
Offerings Schedule

Stand-Alone Offerings

For those who are unable or choose not to commit to a
multi-part study, we have many options available (see below).

There is no cost to attend,
no pre-registration necessary,
and, best of all, no homework required prior to attending
these offerings.

The following video presentations will take place in the church basement on Monday evenings at 6:15 PM.

*Typically on the 3rd Monday of the Month

Jan. 16 Stand-Alone
The Miracles of Lourdes

Jan. 23 Bible Study
James 3:13-18
Wisdom: False and True

Feb. 13 Bible Study James 4:1-10
Wisdom in Relationships

Feb. 20 Stand-Alone Answering Common Objections to Catholicism

Feb. 27 Bible Study
James 4:11-5:6
A Wise Perspective for Living

March 13 Bible Study

James 5:7-12

The Wisdom of Patience

March 20 Stand-Alone The Conversion Story of Fr. Donald Calloway
(~120 min.)

March 27 Bible Study

James 5:13-20 The Wisdom of Confession & Prayer

April 17  Stand-Alone The Truth of our Existence and the Meaning of Life

May 15  Stand-Alone     

The Crusades

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